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Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver

Explore the depths and see a sunken pirate ship. Get into the cabins and find the treasures
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21 December 2015

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Pirates have long fascinated many of us owing to their supposed influence over seas in previous centuries and their eccentric lifestyles. The ships they sailed on too were often rather peculiar, with black sails and functional designs made to outrun merchant ships. The Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver 1.01.4 attempts to showcase an authentic representation of a Pirate ship it all its eerie glory. It focuses on a sunken ship in the Caribbean, a place known for its large share of sunken pirate ships, and takes you through a journey where you get to absorb the ship’s allure and observe interesting facets.

On launch the Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver 1.01.4 sports a brilliant underwater display of an ocean floor where a large Pirate ships to lay aground. You can observe the majestic deck of the ship with its prominent wood work. The black sails seem to have tattered over time and yet the uncanny feel of the pirate spirit seem to come across with fervor. In other scenes you can view the interiors of ship including cabins where treasured have been kept. Chest filled with valuable items come into view and wooded furniture seem to lay around in a mess. As the sunlight caresses the ship from above, you can feel a striking reminder to the times when buccaneers would have sailed this beast across the seas. Even when it lies in the Davy Jones locker, it holds enough punch to give goose bumps. The accompanying sound effects and background track helps build up the mood and the screensaver can captivate you for countless minutes.

Of the few Pirate themed screensavers that we have gone through in recent years, the Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver 1.01.4 takes the cake when it comes to creativity and elegance and it earns it an appreciable score of three and half rating stars.

Publisher's description

Just a few centuries ago the seas were ruled by bloodthirsty and greedy pirates. They not only robbed the civilian fleet but also battled each other for the stolen loot. A lot of their ships sank in the Caribbean and still remain their. In this screensaver we get an awesome opportunity to dive into the depths and take a closer look at one of these pirate ships. We will get into the cabins and see the treasures which the pirates valued more than their own lives. We'll also meet the new inhabitants of the ship and its surroundings on our way and enjoy the beauty and the quiet of the underwater world.
Download this screensaver now and get the feel of the glorious history of the pirates of the Caribbean!
Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver
Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver
Version 1.01.5
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